Approaching the craft of Haute Couture as a unique -and privileged- means of self-expression, Paris-based Maison Anastasia Mathiotte has freed itself from the ongoing pressures of the fashion industry to embrace the intrinsic and long-lasting beauty of the handmade garment, exploring stylish gestures in a contemporary way.
For Founder and Creative Director Anastasia Mathiotte -who decided to launch her own line in 2019- Couture remains an enticing and forward-thinking field of experimentation, where artistic research and personal impulses are allowed to take over. Her clothes manage to be bold, colorful and futuristic at once, bringing spirituality and ease into her creative practice. Starting with the fabric -and curious to see where it might take her- the Russian designer treats every piece like a separate artwork, lifting our mood and inspiring us with her sculptural hand.
Using refined materials -such as silk organza for instance- as well as a variety of innovative organic fibers, her designs conjure up the idea of a soft yet powerful woman, oozing strength and assertiveness. The dress is one of the designer’s key items, whether pleated, ruched, breezy or ruffled, acting like a lightweight and ethereal second skin.
In January 2021, Maison Anastasia Mathiotte presented a new collection during Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris. Entitled “MIRACLES” -and using a short film to showcase its beauty- the collection features 12 complete looks, as well as a line of shoes and jewelry made with 3D techinques. Following the path of a soulful and generous female lead who is turning her dreams into actual experiences, “MIRACLES” is a bold and fearless statement, which embraces the future with open arms,  evoking a world of new possibilities.